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Commission or hourly-based fees

Booking takes dedication to the craft.  You need to know what is best for the band and artist as well as what is best for the venue/festival.  Experienced in booking and recommending acts for events/festivals such as The Ann Arbor Art Fair, Sundays in the Garden, The Ark's Folk Festival; as well as venues including Cultivate Coffee & Tap House, The Ark, as well as a number of locally-based bands, I can pull some things together for you.

Let me do the work for you.

(Sadie Madden Music provides the above mentioned services to nonprofit organization Cultivate Coffee & Tap House -

Cultivate Photo - Courtesy of Bekah Wallace

Nonprofit Organization,  Cultivate Coffee & Tap House

Nonprofit Organization, Cultivate Coffee & Tap House

The Ark - Ann Arbor

The Ark - Ann Arbor


Social Media Coordination

monthly, quarterly, annual rates available

You can either love or hate social media.  For some, it can be considered a "necessary evil" when you're trying to get the word out, expand your business, and connect with people.  I actually love social media and its ability to sometimes improve how people interact and connect, but you must remember, you must always find a way for an honest and genuine connection with people; that's imperative.

The biggest thing I strive to do in posts for clients is create something genuine based upon their mission and objectives.  It's a joy to do, and it something I can do for you.

I currently work with The Ark in Ann Arbor in helping with social media marketing/coordination and scouting for new musicians to bring into the space; but also provide coordination for Cultivate Coffee & Tap House; The Ragbirds, and The Understorey (to name a few).


hourly rates only

Publicity can be a tricky, frustrating, and tedious process.  As a musician, it can be strange to "sell yourself"; talking yourself up seems a bit conceited and can put people off.  I understand this and have told my clients, "I work in the tedium".  It can be a long arduous process, and sometimes you just want to focus on writing and performing your art, so....

Let me deal in the tedium for you.

Services Provided:

*  Press Releases

*  Press Interviews (Local Radio, News Publication, Magazine, Blog)

*  Press Mailers

Let's meet up.  When I have your information, I can estimate how much work is needed and how much time will need to be allotted.

Sadie Madden Music provides the above mentioned services to:

The Ragbirds -  (Folk, World, Groove)

Ann Arbor-based band,  The Ragbirds

Ann Arbor-based band, The Ragbirds