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Who or What is Sadie Madden Music?


Jennifer Jones is the owner and founder of Sadie Madden Music (SMM), a music marketing, management, and publishing company founded in 2011.  SMM exists to accentuate the giftings of musicians, to make known the opportunities that venues have for musicians, and to bring about change between the artist, the community, and local businesses.  To most, SMM is a connector for businesses, venues, artists/musicians, and the community.

Jennifer has over 18 years of event planning and scheduling, office administration, coordination, and team leadership experience in the management consulting, philanthropic, and arts management fields. 

Jones is currently on staff with nonprofit - Title Track, an organization engaging creative practice to build resilient social-ecological systems that support clean water, racial equity, and youth empowerment. She is also a member of The Ark’s Marketing Advisory Committee, and is working with the Ann Arbor Summer Festival’s Planning Advisory Committee to seek out up and coming musicians to welcome into the festival community.

Jones advises a number of southeastern Michigan venues and artists to provide services such as booking, social media coordination/monitoring, marketing, and publicity.  Her musician clients include, but are not limited to; Erin Zindle & The Ragbirds, Misty Lyn Bergeron (Misty Lyn & The Big Beautiful), Katie Pederson; scouting and marketing efforts for Ann Arbor listening room, The Ark; as well as booking and administration consulting efforts for Cultivate Coffee & Tap House; and is associated with Detroit-based promoter, Grand Circus Media.



Jones is a classically trained pianist, learned cello at an early age, taught herself acoustic guitar, and then began leading music within a college group at The University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University.  Jones has had two album releases (an EP and full-length album - 'A Story of Longing'), and continues songwriting as well as singing with Ann Arbor-based vocalist Jessica Delle.