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Sadie Madden Music
Connector, Consultant, Social Media Coordinator

Sadie Madden Music


Who or What is Sadie Madden Music?


Ann Arbor, Michigan native and singer/songwriter Jennifer Jones founded Sadie Madden Music (SMM) in April 2011.  Originally created as a publishing company for her debut album, she turned it into a fully-functioning music management machine a few short years later.  Jones works with a number of southeastern Michigan venues and artists providing services such as booking, social media coordination/monitoring, marketing, and publicity.  Her musician clients include, but are not limited to, The Ragbirds and The Understorey, scouting and marketing efforts for Ann Arbor listening room, The Ark; booking and administration efforts for Cultivate Coffee and Tap House, and is associated with Detroit-based promoter, Grand Circus Media.


In the Ann Arbor music community, Jones is known as a connector. She loves to learn about new bands and artists in the area and get them in touch with other artists, venues, promoters throughout the Metro-Detroit area.

Sadie Madden Music (SMM) exists to accentuate the giftings of musicians, to make known the opportunities that venues have for musicians, and to bring about change between the artist, the community, and local businesses.  To most, SMM is a connector for businesses, venues, artists/musicians, and the community.  "We all exist, but we can co-exist, we can support each other, and we do need each other." (Jennifer Jones, Sadie Madden Music)



After being classically taught in piano and cello at an early age, Jones taught herself guitar and began leading fellow college students in worship within a college ministry at The University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University.  A few years later, Jennifer led worship for college students at Northridge Church in Plymouth, Michigan and began songwriting.  After releasing her debut EP 'Favorite Selections' (now out of print), she released a full-length debut album in May 2011 entitled 'A Story of Longing'.  She continues songwriting and singing with Ann Arbor-based band, The Understorey.  Jones is also working on an EP due to be released in 2019.

"The creation of my first full album has been the adventure of my life and I couldn't be more excited to share it with my awesome family and my tremendously supportive friends.  I have also been amazing blessed with a wonderful mentor, an extremely talented producer, and many willing local musicians who have encouraged me." (-- Jennifer Jones)